Top 8 Online Surveys That Actual Payout as Promised

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There are a ton of survey sites out there for you to choose from. Some of them can look pretty spammy and don’t pay very well. But there are several reputable ones that are known for high payouts and a quality user experience.

I’m going to cover which ones I think are the best ones in this post. I recommend signing up for each of them, as that will give you the best return on your time.

Tip: In order to keep your personal inbox clean and tidy, set up a separate email to use for survey sites, or at least create a separate folder in your normal inbox. You’ll still need to verify your email address though, so make sure you put in a legit email when you sign up.

8 Best Sites for Taking Paid Surveys Online
Without further ado, here are my top recommendations for paid survey sites.

1. Make Survey Money ($5 Sign Up Bonus)
Make Survey Money is super straightforward, which is why they come in at #1 on my list.

They’ve got over 5,000,000 members, which makes them one of the top dogs in the game.

Signing up is super easy — you can register and log in using your Facebook profile (and no, they don’t post anything to your profile and they won’t spam you). It takes mere seconds to do and they’re one of the highest paying survey sites in the business.

Make Survey Money even pays you for answering their screening questions — something most survey sites don’t do.

There are no special requirements, nothing to install, and new surveys are available every day. Better yet, they tell you exactly how much you stand to make before you even start the survey. That way you know exactly how much you’re going to make for your time.

Collect your $5 bonus

You can check out all of the Make Survey Money details HERE

2. Survey Voices
Once I got past the gimmicky-sounding name, I was able to see how Survey Voices is one of the most respected companies in the online survey space.

These guys are the real deal — they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and they’ve paid out over $150,000,000 to users to date.

As it turns out, surveys are not the only way to make money with Survey Voices (which is why I love them so much). They have a bunch of different ways for you to earn:

Online shopping
Searching the web
Watching videos
My advice?

Use their web search tool (not a search engine, they just want to know what people search for), play videos on silent in another tab as you go about your day, and do a couple surveys a day when you’re bored at work. If you can consistently do that, your cash and rewards will add up quicker than you think.

Want to know more? Check out Survey Voice’s comprehensive list HERE

3. Real Surveys That Pay (Another $5 Sign Up Bonus)
MyPoints rewards members when they shop online, take surveys, play games, watch videos and more.

It’s similar to Survey Voices, but they’ve upped the ante a little by giving new users a $5 bonus for free after signing up.

They may be new to the game but they are on the rise



This online survey site is one of the best online survey sites because they will send you checks in the mail.  You don’t have to worry about any kind of payout limit.  They also send you test products.

I once got a large sample of laundry detergent that lasted me a couple of weeks.  Everybody loves free stuff, am I right!? The downside is that it’s hard to get into this one.

They offer new openings every now and then, but you have to check back on their site for it.  The other downside is that you have to wait around for them to offer you surveys.  Sometimes it’s only a couple per month.

They’re still definitely worth doing.  Just make sure you sign up for some others as well.

You can apply to Pinecone Research here.

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