These are the TOP  services we use personally to MAXIMIZE conversions. 

These are the tools we use in our daily operations. We have taken the time to weed out all of the all of the nonsense for you. If its not on this list, there is a good chance you'll be wasting your money.

"You can purchase all the tools in the world but if you don't commit yourself to mastering them they will always remain useless." E. Ramirez 


Ecom Conquest: Product Research

Done for You Winning Product Research: Ecom Conquest is backed by a team of experienced market researchers, copy writers, and data analysts. We know them personally and highly recommend their data based solely on the fact that they use the same research techniques that we do! 


Ecomhunt: Product Research

All uploaded products are hand picked by experts. The products data listed includes : Profit, Analytics, Engagement, Links, Facebook Ads, Product Video, Facebook Targeting, and Offer type. 


Octosuite: Fan Page Building

A key part to my success in building large FB community fan pages in different niches. The software + the fan pages all drive traffic to my E-commerce funnels


Dropified: Product Import Service

Better than Oberlo...PERIOD! Not only does it speed up the process of ordering for my Virtual Assistants, it also can create product bundles thus increasing my average order value and importing from more than just aliexpress.


Clipman: Video Editing for E-Com

A video editing software made by marketers for marketers. Also at a much more affordable price than Animoto but has all you need to create a viral story telling video!


ShareASale: Affiliate Directory

My new favorite affiliate program service because I can AUTOMATE it. Get affiliates on autopilot as well as pay affiliates on autopilot (my favorite feature)


Udimi Solo Ads: Email Traffic Source

Use other people's highly targeted email lists to promote your products using Udimi Solo Ads.


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