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Here is the story of how I turned E-Com Plus into an 8 figure marketing solution. 

My history in a nutshell:

2006: Completed my studies as a radiologic technologist at UTMB in Galveston, Texas but my passion was to be a photographer. I wanted to be the next Ansel Adams but I quickly learned that I couldn't survive on $18k a year. LOL Thankfully I had my medical license to fall back on. 

2008: After repeated lifting 300 lbs patients every day I realized that being a R.T. destroys you body. For $19 an hour, it definitely wasn't worth it.  So I borrowed $20,000 from family and friends to start a mobile oil-change company. We made no money, lived off of Taco Bell, and went out of biz quick.

2010: Was in severe debt because of the failed business and no money coming in, had to go back to school to become a MRI Technologist.

2011: Quickly realized that there had to be more to life then just setting behind a machine making money for someone else. This was the year that everything started to change for me! Quit my job and started my second business as a wholesaler of prepaid phone cards to small businesses. Long story short… I failed AGAIN. But, the upside? I learned Facebook advertising trying to generate the leads.

2013: During the process of learning advertisement strategies for the phone card business, I was able to absorb so much information that the idea just hit me; why not start a digital marketing agency?! I already did the work trying to find ways to sell crappy phone cards to people, why not take that same information and apply it to helping clients promote their products.

2014: Launched my first lead generation campaign for a realtor friend of mine and the result were all over the place! I experimented with a bunch of different conversion objectives before I found my stride. After I found the right combination of tactics, her whole office hired me to run campaigns for ALL of their properties.

2015: My agency is finally taking off in a big way. Closed a client for $10,000/mo and another one for $8,000/mo, on top of my realtor client, by leveraging value of my service and cultivating relationships with local business. Even though my entire business was digital, I never under estimated the power of a face to face and a firm handshake.

2016: Now that my agency is up and running I thought to myself, "How can I diversify my marketing expertise in the event my agency is no longer profitable?" I've heard of drop shipping and affiliate marketing but never really gave it any credibility. The more I researched the more I discovered that both were a viable income stream using the same strategies I've used with client accounts. What really drove it home for me was an article in the Huffington post. Here is a link to the article

This guy made 12k his first month while working full time!

This biggest advantage to drop shipping for me was no upfront inventory! And I was like... well if he can do it then I can too! Drops shipping quickly became the 1st phase of my advertising plan, And ended up with this my first month:

Yeah... tell me about it. I WAS IN SHOCK TOO

My drop shipping business went from "0 to 100" real quick! I found a virtual assistant on Upwork.com to fulfill my order so that I could solely focus on running ads for my products. Of course you're asking yourself well how did I REALLY do it? Well Here is how:

Reach out to influencers on instagram... get them to be an affiliate or promote your product... and have them push all the traffic to your site!

The following month I started using Facebook Ads in combination with my instagram strategy. 

During the previous month I had what they call the "FB Pixel" installed which is the equivalent of the NSA for marketers. FB literally knows everything about us! Which made my life EASY. FB already knew my target audience and delivered my ads to them like clockwork. Everything was going great minus Paypal complaining that I was scaling too fast! #goals 

At this point my agency is poppin, my drop shipping store is on point and my anxiety is finally starting dissipate.

And at the end of July...


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How I give back:

E-Com Plus was created to be an education portal for all things marketing. I know first hand how disappointing it is to put your faith in something so completely just to have it fall apart right in front of you. This site is dedicated to providing quality e-commerce education options and resources so that you don't fail. We can only show you the way, its up to you to take the first step. Just like a good friend of mines always says: "The journey through the road of happiness is not all roses but well worth the trip only if you work to step foot on it!"

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